2015 Summer  CSA Brochure 

Why Purchase a CSA share?



  • Take part in a system that works for you: CSA Share, debit system, etc.
  • Ensure that you and your family are eating fresh vegetables locally-grown with organic practices and all-natural, grass-fed meat; free of hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides.
  • Receive a weekly newsletter via e-mail full of: nutritional information, happenings on the farm, a sneak peak of what is in your share, and great recipes to assist in your preparation.
  • Know that you are engaging in a time honored connection between grower and community. Local food is an investment in our future!


Local produce is better for you. Food grown for you is harvested shortly before pick up. It’s crisp, and loaded with flavor, It contains nothing but nutrition! Produce grown in other parts of the country and shipped, is stored in warehouses. In order to preserve it for that amount of time it is loaded with chemicals and dyes.

Local Food is SAFER. With all the issues related to food safety and homeland security, there comes a sense of security from talking with your local farmer and walking his fields. And you know Gaylord Farm takes its responsibility to our members very seriously.


When you buy direct from Gaylord Farm, you are engaging in a time-honored connection between grower and community. You are supporting a local business.

Download our Summer CSA brochure above. Starts June 10-October 21