Gaylord Farm was purchased around 1948 as a working dairy farm and the dairy cows were eventually sold. The carriage shed was then moved to where the existing “Haps” service station is now located. “Haps” was started from the carriage shed.

Taken in 1845

The Ed House… taken in 1845

snowycattle_6A few cows were kept. Three of the brothers, Hadley Jr., Walter, and Allen cared for the animals, and began to grow the beef herd. Still in their early teens and in school, the three boys managed to continue to grow the farm. Throughout their junior high and high school years they grew sweet corn with Hadley Sr., to sell on a picnic table beside the road. In 1984 Hadley Sr. retired. Walter and Allen took over the running of the garage. Hadley Jr. took on full responsibility of the farm, growing it into how we know it today.

hadleywcalf_6The Farm covers 600 Acres, with 250 head of beef cattle. On the average we raise about 100 pigs, 400 laying hens, and 600 meat birds a year. For the Holiday Season we raise about 150 turkeys. The farm consists of 13 acres in vegetable production to provide for our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. We sell vegetables at our local farmer’s market and area restaurants.



In 2006 our farm store was completed allowing us to sell vegetables and meat with regular hours. The farm stand was constructed with the help of Yestermorrow design and build school. The mural which we are well known for, on the farm store, features our own animals and was painted by Dorothy Langevin. We sell tote bags with a miniature of this mural at the farm store.